Finance Consultant

Organization Restructuring

when there is a change in the business model because of external or internal factors and the business entity has to adapt to survive and grow in the market.

Marketing Support

refers to the price level that an asset does not fall below for period of time. An asset’s support level is created by buyers entering the market whenever the asset dips to a lower price

Marketing & Planning

Marketing planning is a process that consists of analyzing current situation and information about marketing opportunities and establishing planning premises

Income tax consultancy

Tax consultants often prepare tax returns for clients, or they provide information and advice to help clients fill out their own tax returns.

Return Filling

We specialize in providing Accounting, Income Tax and GST services in India. you can call us on our numbers for more details

Tax Audit

A tax audit is when the IRS decides to examine your tax return a little more closely and verify that your income and deductions are accurate.